Susan, South Carolina Physical Therapist

I begin my testimony with gratitude and humility. I am forever thankful to RPP for the opportunity to save my career to which I am so committed and for providing the tools which have enriched my life.

During the past 5 years as a participant in the program, I have grown both professionally and personally beyond measure. As I settled into monitoring and regular attendance in A.A. and Caduceus meetings, I began to evolve in strength, faith and humility. I began to move beyond my fears with peace and serenity. The accountability was essential in the early stages and paramount to a successful program. By immersing fully into the philosophy of addiction I gained acceptance and a deeper understanding of the relentless, patient “ grip” addiction holds on a human spirit.

I learned to surrender and accept personal responsibility to the daily work that is required for long term recovery. The “steps”, the “promises”, the “traditions” and fellowship keep us focused and aware.

I have made lasting and forever binding friendships with members of our Caduceus group as we share and support each other through our successes, challenges, frustrations, life events, sadness and joys.

I am grateful to be of service to fellows new to the program as a sponsor and a friend.

I am forever thankful to RPP and the outstanding team of professionals. I have had the privilege of working with Julie, Susan and Jessica as my case managers with excellent support from Tia Cooper who is now the Program Director.

I am grateful, I am thankful and I am delighted to be the person I am today!