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[The Recovering Professional Program] put structure back into my life …But, only you can take that first step.”

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Mark, South Carolina Medical

RPP made me a better person… When I look back now over these years, it’s amazing how I have changed. I am truly a different and better person than I ever was before.

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Pam, South Carolina Nurse

Today, I am healthy and happier than I could have ever imagined 7 years ago! Thank you RPP for all that you are doing.  There is always hope!

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Steven, South Carolina Veterinarian

“Every day I dreamed of having my license reinstated and returning to my career… This led me back to RPP in 2009. It changed my life.”

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Ashley, South Carolina Nurse

We doctors are considered “safety sensitive workers”… and as such, are high value assets to our community, who can do a great deal of harm if we’re not at our best.


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Roy, South Carolina Medical

RPP saved my life on more than one occasion, and the Board of Pharmacy allowed me to regain my life. I now have custody of my daughter, whom I was not allowed to see seven years ago, and I am working as a pharmacist doing what I love to do, helping people. Thank you RPP for helping all the healthcare professionals.

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Bob, South Carolina Pharmacy