COVID-19: RPP Operations Update

Abstract coronavirus illustration with blue virus cells

SCRPP is extremely honored to serve and support healthcare professionals licensed by the State of South Carolina. Whether you serve on the frontlines, have been furloughed or experienced job loss, or are dealing with other COVID-19 related stressors, RPP supports all of its participants. RPP is here to support you through this time and in your recovery.

The SCRPP office remains closed at this time. Although our office is closed, staff continue to work remotely and are available by phone and email during normal business hours. If you need to reach us after hours or need immediate assistance at any time, please contact 803-896-5711.

LRADAC leadership is currently working to reduce the risk of exposure to our participants and staff when we resume onsite operations. RPP has implemented a number of safety measures in advance of our return to onsite operations to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. A plexiglass barrier was installed at the executive assistant’s desk. Front door/entry screenings, temperature checks, and the use of a mask will be required for all participants, visitors, and staff. Surfaces will be routinely professionally cleaned/sanitized and wiped down by staff in between professional cleanings. Hand sanitizer will be available and placed throughout the office. Although the physical office will be open, staff will alternate onsite schedules, and RPP staff work and meetings will continue to be conducted remotely when possible.

SCRPP encourages you to continue to communicate closely with your assigned recovery specialist regarding any specific issue(s) or need(s) you may have. We are here to support you.

Due to social distancing guidelines, online meeting attendance will still be accepted.
SCRPP will update you with a targeted return date to the office and any additional changes that may occur or impact the above re-entry plan as decisions are made. Please continue to be safe, take care, and let us know how we can better assist you with your recovery efforts during this time.

Tia Cooper, SCRPP
Program Director

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