PRC® WBA Summer Offerings

New Well-being Focused Assessments:

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all become increasingly aware of how the pandemic has stressed the healthcare system and healthcare workers. Data continue to emerge raising concerns about the mental health of our providers. While many systems have tried to support their healthcare workforce through providing self-help resources, colleague and peer support, resiliency, and wellbeing opportunities, sometimes such services are not sufficient.  In response to these developing needs, PRC® is offering new short, focused assessments for healthcare professionals who may be struggling with psychological and psychiatric issues secondary to or exacerbated by the pandemic. The assessments will include psychological testing, clinical interviews, and psychiatric assessment. Assessment results will be used to help create a structured plan that may include a short focused treatment effort addressing acute issues while we concurrently work to help establish outpatient providers in the community.   

For more information please call 785-842-9772 and ask for Nathaniel or Mette.

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