To: South Carolina Recovering Program Participants
From: Tia Cooper, Program Director
Date: December 1, 2022
Re: New Check-in Time, Reminder of Abstinence Policy/Medication Exception Request, After-hours line, Services, Periodic update contact

Dear SCRPP participants:

NEW CHECK-IN TIME FOR RECOVERY TREK: Effective Monday, September 5, 2022, all participants’ check-in time to Recovery Trek will be from 5 am- 4 pm. This expansion is an effort to allow for more time to check-in. Please be reminded that lab hours may be limited; thus, should you check in at the cutoff time and are selected to test, you will be required to submit to random testing on the day of selection. If there is an issue, please contact our office at 877 349 2094 or 803 896 5711.

ABSTINENCE POLICY STATEMENT: SCRPP is an abstinence-based program. The abstinence policy statement confirms your agreement to abide by the abstinence policy and provides a general outline of substances, including mood-altering substances, alcohol, certain prescription medications, over-the counter-medications, synthetic substances, etc., that are prohibited.  A Safe Medication Guide is available upon request and via the SCRPP website ( The Guide provides general information concerning prescription and over-the-counter medications and products approved for use while monitoring with SCRPP.

A request for an exception to the abstinence policy (to take a prescription drug) may be submitted in certain circumstances subject to your Board’s specific policy. For more information, please contact your recovery specialist.

SCRPP participants are required to adhere to an abstinence policy. At intake, you were made aware of it, and upon enrollment, you signed the agreement. Due to new trends, such as CBD products, Delta 8, increased use of Benadryl, Nyquil, Alcohol, etc., the abstinence policy has been expanded and is attached for your review signature, and please return to your assigned recovery specialist. Please contact your assigned recovery specialist if you have any questions.

AFTER HOURS LINE: SCRPP office hours are 8 am-4:30 pm. Should you require assistance after 4:30 pm, please dial our after-hours line at 877 349 2094 or 803 896 5711. If you need to reach your recovery specialist, please contact them at their direct extension. If your recovery specialist is out of the office and you require immediate assistance, please dial our after-hours line, listed above.

SERVICES: Due to the pandemic, we can work in person and remotely. Participants that are seen in person are by appointment only. Should you have any remote services, they can be conducted via Doxy-me, TEAMS, or telephone.

PERIODIC UPDATE CONTACT: SCRPP is implementing intentional contact with participants in February, August, and as needed. This contact confirms demographic information, intake/anticipated discharge dates, re-occurrences, restart time of contract, medication updates/changes, employment status, and any feedback or concerns. Please continue to update your assigned recovery specialist with any changes and if you have questions.

Thank you for your continued compliance, and we support you in all your professional endeavors.

*To view the pdf version, click here.

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